15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Luces del desierto



Strange lights appear in the desert night. Residents' vivid descriptions of what they have seen weave together a shared story told in many voices. The night isn’t as dark as it seems and the desert is full of all kinds of living beings who find their place in the emptiness. Luces del desierto invites us to open our eyes and ears to take in the sounds hidden in the twilight. A horror movie set in the dark desert.


Félix Blume (Francia, 1984) is a sound artist and sound engineer. He currently works and lives between Mexico, Brazil and France. He uses sound as a basic material in sound pieces, videos, actions and installations. His process is often collaborative, working with communities and using public space as the context in which to explore and present his work. He is interested in myths and their contemporary interpretation, in human dialogues with both inhabited natural and urban contexts, in what voices can tell beyond words. Curupira, bicho do mato (2018) has been screened at festivals worldwide and picked up a number of awards.