15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021




Brother and sister Aitor and Amaia are approaching fifty. They have no children and have long lived some distance from their retired parents, Kontxi and Iñaki. One summer they manage to make a dream come true: they arrange for the four of them to go on a cruise. On board the FANTASIA, the siblings happily revert to their childhood selves, while their parents treat their golden wedding anniversary as a second honeymoon. Soothed by a gentle sea breeze, time appears to stand still. But over the horizon, the walls at home are full of paintings and photographs that fill in an increasing number of absences as reality marches ever onwards.
The idea of losing his parents led Aitor Merino to film his family over many years. An intimate portrait driven by the universal need not to be forgotten.


Aitor Merino (Donostia, 1972) worked for many years as a stage, film and TV actor. His first short, El pan nuestro (2007), won plaudits at film festivals in Spain and worldwide and was nominated for a Goya. His documentary feature, Asier ETA biok (2014), codirected with his sister Amaia Merino, won the Irizar Basque Film Award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, among others.