15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

MACBETH / The Empire State

Mentoring projects


The characters and structure of Shakespeare's play, with Macbeth's naked ambition and endless court intrigues, make the ideal vehicle for telling the B-side to the history of filmmaking: the story of experimental and avant-garde cinema. The stage is set for earthshaking revolutions enabling filmmakers to experiment freely with the creative possibilities of different formats.


Antoni Pinent is an independent contemporary art curator, visual artist, media archaeologist, producer and animated and experimental filmmaker who has been a guest lecturer at a range of museums, cultural centres, cinematheques, film schools and universities. He graduated in art history and has a PhD in fine art from the University of Barcelona, as well as being given an award by the Museum of Contemporary Cinema Foundation (New York, Paris, 2008). He was at l'Alternativa 2020 in person to give a masterclass offering a peek at his project iSBiC.