15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Masterclass: Communicating While Cocreating

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Great ideas get derailed by poor communication.

Shouting matches, inflated egos, misunderstandings and conflicts do not a happy project make. Help, though, is at hand. Participants in this highly interactive theoretical and practical masterclass will learn how to express their thoughts effectively and, above all, healthily when working as part of a creative team.

We shall explore the creative process in depth through the eyes of the director, screenwriter and editor and analyse how each cog fits together to boost creativity and reduce stress. After doing a series of engaging activities, we shall leave with a better understanding of which models work best for turning good ideas into great films.

Fernanda Rossi

Fernanda Rossi is a screenwriter, filmmaker, theoretical dramatist and international conference speaker. She has worked on over 500 fiction and documentary projects in the United States, Latin American and Europe, often as part of a creative team honing the writing to get the message across more effectively. In 2019, together with Camila Cienfuegos, she was awarded the Argentores Award for Best Screenplay for her work on Gory Patiño’s Muralla. She also worked on the screenplay for Leslie Iwerks’s Recycled Life and Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s The Garden, which were nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2007 and 2009, respectively.

She helped cut Lucrecia Martel’s Rey muerto and Héctor Olivera’s TV series Nueve lunas. Her co-authored book Trailer Mechanics: How to Make Your Documentary Fundraising Demo has been acclaimed by industry professionals as the demo producer’s bible.

She has written seven fiction features to date. Picture Me! was selected to take part in the Laboratorio de Guionistas Latino Americanos Sundance in Oaxaca, Mexico, and she took the same screenplay to the Directors’ Lab at ESAV, in Toulouse, where she worked alongside tutor Benoît Jacquot.

Fernanda studied directing following the Meisner technique and then went on to attend seminars in group management and conflict resolution. After directing a number of fiction short films over the course of her career, this summer she wrapped filming of her debut fiction feature, Influenced, starring María Caballero and Olivia Giordana and produced by Polar Star Films.


  • Wednesday 17 November, 9.30 am to 1.30 pm
  • Sala Raval, CCCB
  • Only open to accredited professionals (who need to sign up)
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Fernanda Rossi
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