15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Amplified Spaces

Film Schools


Students studying for a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments will give a guided tour of the amplified spaces created at BAU Design College in Barcelona.

Site-specific installations strike up a dialogue between artists and spaces. A bare room slowly takes shape to reveal how its ostensibly immovable architecture can shift its physiognomy to create new forms brought to life by the interplay of light and shadows.

The project will be introduced by visual artist and lecturer Juanjo Fernández, aka Gnomalab, who will talk briefly about the technique before letting students loose to share their own experiences and engage freely with participants in a cascade of free-flowing words and drink.

(Main photo: © Fermín Rodríguez. Gnomalab amplified installation for the Alumbra exhibition in Granada)


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