16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online

Twenty Real Fiction Time


The Covid-19 crisis has shaped a new viral paradigm for 2020. In Twenty Real Fiction Time, thinkers share global theories mixing fact and fiction as new ways of working, thinking and expressing ourselves take shape at dizzying speed in a brave new landscape.


Andreu Signes directs and produces documentaries with a powerful social and artistic streak. He specialises in developing interactive videos, audiovisual installations and transmedia projects. He recently won thirteen international awards for his documentary I’m Burning.
Marta Negre is a visual artist whose video projects analyse the influence of various thought paradigms. Exhibited at museums and contemporary art galleries and museums worldwide, her work explores contemporary crises of identity and creates fresh rereadings of present-day audiovisual narratives.
Andreu Signes
and Marta Negre regularly work together on art projects.