16-29 NOV. 2020
Onsite + Online


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In extreme situations, it is difficult to distinguish between anger and pain. Using key moments in three extracts from Martha Graham's choreographies—Clytemnestra, Cave of the Heart and LamentationCave combines hand-drawn animation and technological sounds to explore emotions and bodily movements, while also addressing our body's state of despair and entrapment.


Emilia Izquierdo is a London-based artist who works in experimental video art using hand drawn animation and archival film footage. Since 2012, she has regularly exhibited her work at experimental film and video dance festivals, residencies and exhibitions around the world. Her films include The Big Swallow (2014), BlindLight/WhiteNoise (2016), Crack (2018), screened at l'Alternativa Hall, and Ghost Dance (2019), selected this year for l'Alternativa Official.