16-29 NOV. 2020
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One day Fiona starts to notice a recurring story in her dreams, in which she meets and falls head over heels in love with Pol. She gradually begins to feel more alive when she is asleep than when she is awake. It isn’t just that she talks in her sleep, or gets up and does things she would never do awake; the real problem is the effect this is having on her relationship with her real-life partner, Daniel.


Roger Delmont has extensive experience in various disciplines inside and outside the audiovisual world. At the beginning of his career, he studied drama in Barcelona and acted in films such as Art Heist and Unnatural Causes, among others. He graduated in film directing from the New York Film Academy and took several courses in directing actors in New York, Barcelona and Madrid. He wrote the screenplay for the feature film La biblia negra and the TV3 series A pera picada and he is currently a cowriter for the TV3 series Com si fos ahir. He directed one season of the TV3 comedy programme APM?  and he edited the feature film Morir en 3 actes.