11-17 NOV. 2019

4 godine u 10 minuta


Footage of alien landscapes and mystical mental states shot by the first Serbian man to climb Mount Everest, interwoven with puzzling excerpts from his diary. 4 godine u 10 minuta is an experimental meditation on a journey to eternal glory, and the return to the banality of everyday life—a journey that changed the climber in ways he never intended. Mladen Kovačević reinvents the mountain-climbing film, drawing spectators into the climb, the descent and the mind of a man distancing himself ever further from reality.


Mladen Kovačević (Serbia, 1979) studied film directing in Belgrade, London and Cape Town. He founded Horopter Film Production and has made the films Unplugged (2013) and Wall of Death and All That (2016), both screened at festivals worldside. He currently is finishing his fourth film, Merry Christmas, Yiwu, and has two further feature films in development.