12-18 November 2018

La mesa

Adrian Garcia Gomez

La mesa (Adrian Garcia Gomez)


The filmmaker casts himself in the old Mexican films and American Westerns he grew up watching with his family in California. These disjointed vignettes explore memory, identity and queer desire, challenging popular representations of masculinity and traditional notions of power and vulnerability.


Adrian Garcia Gomez works in film, photography and illustration. His short experimental films, photographs and drawings have been exhibited around the world. He lives and works in Geneva.


  • Country United States
  • Year 2018
  • Format Digital
  • Running time 10 min
  • Image BW
  • Language Spanish
  • Subtitles English
  • Producer Adrian Garcia Gomez
  • Animation Adrian Garcia Gomez
  • Editor Adrian Garcia Gomez
  • Sound Adrian Garcia Gomez
  • Contact [email protected]


Edinburgh International Film Festival


Wednesday 14, 17.30 h — Auditori CCCB Saturday 17, 20.15 h — Auditori CCCB
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