13-19 November 2017

Whores' Glory

Michael Glawogger

Whores' Glory (Michael Glawogger)


Whores’ Glory, the final film in Michael Glawogger’s trilogy, is a cinematic triptych on prostitution: three locations, three languages, three religions. Paradise, the world and the hereafter merge in prostitution to create an image of the relationship between men and women. In Thailand, women wait for men behind glass panes, staring at reflections of themselves. In Bangladesh, men go to a ghetto of love to satisfy their unfulfilled desires. And in Mexico, women pray to a female death so as not to see and feel their own reality. In a world where the most intimate act becomes a commodity, beauty lives amidst cruelty and violence. What does it do to the hearts, minds and souls on both sides?


  • Country Austria, Germany
  • Year 2011
  • Format
  • Running time 119 min
  • Image Colour
  • Language Thai, Bengali, Spanish
  • Subtitles Spanish
  • Production company Lotus Film, Quinte Film
  • Producer Erich Lackner, Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn, Mirjam Quinte, Pepe Danquart
  • Screenplay Michael Glawogger
  • Photography Wolfgang Thaler
  • Editor Monika Willi
  • Music Coco Rosie, Rosa Maike Vogel, PJ Harvey
  • Sound Paul Oberle, Ekkehart Baumung


Orizzonti Jury Prize - Mostra Internazionale d?Arte Cinematografica de Venezia Best Documentary and Best Cinematography - Austrian Film Awards


Sunday 19, 21.30 h — Filmoteca de Catalunya
24/11, 21.30 h — Filmoteca de Catalunya