13-19 November 2017

Las Hurdes. Tierra sin pan (Las Hurdes: Land without Bread)

Luis Buñuel

Las Hurdes. Tierra sin pan (Luis Buñuel)


After reading an ethnographic study of the poorest area in Spain, Las Hurdes, Buñuel decided to film there. The resulting work has remained controversial since its premiere, when it was banned by the Spanish government.


  • Country Spain
  • Year 1933
  • Format digital
  • Running time 27 min
  • Image BW
  • Language French
  • Producer Ramón Acín, Luis Buñuel
  • Screenplay Luis Buñuel, Rafael Sánchez Ventura, Pierre Unik
  • Photography Eli Lotar
  • Editor Luis Buñuel
  • Music Darius Milhaud
  • Contact [email protected]

Presented by Nathaniel Draper, Anastasia Melia


Thursday 16, 22.00 h — Hall CCCB