13-19 November 2017

L'Alternativa Activities

Workshop: Creating Luminous Toys

L'Alternativa Activities - Workshop: Creating Luminous Toys

This workshop will offer a space for experimenting with light and shadows. Participants will be equipped with the necessary technical and aesthetical tools to design projections fusing abstract and figurative ideas and will create a luminous piece of work. By combing pre-cinema and contemporary technologies such as LEDs, motors and small fans, we shall explore the basics for creating projectable moving dioramas. The final result will be an installation created through collective endeavour.

Workshop given by Viviana Díaz, Mexico-based Colombian artist and filmmaker. This activity ties in with the expanded performance On the Ephemeral.

Aimed at artists, filmmakers, students and anyone else who is interested in creative moving images, is fascinated by the material nature of film and is keen to learn more about hands-on processes of creating and experimenting with film.


  • Monday 20 to Thursday 23 November, 4–8 pm
  • Crater-Lab (Sant Guillem, 17, 08006 Barcelona)
  • Price: €50 (including all materials)
  • Number of places: 12
  • Sign up in advance: [email protected]

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