14-20 November 2016

L'Alternativa Parallel

Expanded Cinema

Expanded Cinema - Spectral Landscape 2.0

Following on from last year’s activities on the craft of avant-garde filmmaking, this year we’ve teamed up with Crater-Lab to put together a series of activities that explore film at its most performative: the world of expanded cinema. Expanded cinema combines the visual power of filmmaking with techniques from other areas such as music, painting, performance or stage management. It plays with live artistic action and sparks spontaneous synergies by projecting multiple screenings onto different surfaces and screens, moving far beyond the white screen. The means of projection are placed firmly in the filmmaker’s hands and the audience plays an active role in creating the work.

This section includes performances by international artists from Austria, Canada, Spain, Great Britain and Mexico, as well as a roundtable and a hands-on workshop.