14-20 November 2016

Sick Fuck

Pablo Carpal

Sick Fuck (Pablo Carpal)


What starts out as a video essay on comments posted to an experimental short on YouTube ends up telling a story (or rather letting a story unfold) that transcends the original material.


Pablo Carpal (Tarragona, 1993) graduated in audiovisual communication from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. His shorts include Un lugar prefijado (2015) and Oceanário (2016).


  • Country Spain
  • Year 2016
  • Format Video
  • Running time 3 min
  • Image Colour
  • Language No dialogue
  • Subtitles English
  • Producer Pablo Carpal
  • Contact pcarpal@gmail.com

Presented by Pablo Carpal 16/11


Wednesday 16, 21.45 h — Auditori CCCB