14-20 November 2016

Jane, Tarzan ez zen horren guay (Jane, Tarzan Wasn't That Cool )

Bego Vicario

Jane, Tarzan ez zen horren guay  (Bego Vicario)
L'Alternativa Parallel / Panorama / Jane, Tarzan ez zen horren guay


This reinterpretation of the famous scene where Tarzan and Jane swim together in the film Tarzan and His Mate (Cedric Gibbons, 1934) fashions a new paradigm out of movement, rhythm and colour.


Bego Vicario (1962) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, where she currently teaches animation. Her films include Pregunta por mí (1997), which won a Goya, and Haragia (1997), both of which were screened at previous editions of l'Alternativa.


  • Country Spain
  • Year 2016
  • Format Digital
  • Running time 3 min
  • Image Colour
  • Language No dialogue
  • Producer Eduardo Elosegi
  • Screenplay Bego Vicario
  • Photography Bego Vicario
  • Animation Bego Vicario
  • Editor Eduardo Elosegi
  • Music Oreka TX
  • Sound Oreka TX
  • Contact [email protected]


Wednesday 16, 21.45 h — Auditori CCCB