14-20 November 2016


David Reznak

  • CC1682 (David Reznak)


In Africa we see all the flaws of capitalism brought into sharp focus—a disaster that reveals the true nature of the world order. CC1682 was filmed over the course of a year through the eyes of those who see things as they are: the oppressed. “Why, throughout history, do civilisations make the same mistakes over and over again? In Africa the idea of accumulating wealth is accompanied by the greater goal of sharing wealth. The values that crisscross this continent can help redefine neoliberal globalisation by opening up possibilities for a different kind of world that will benefit humans in both the north and south of our planet”. —David Reznak


David Reznak set up La Enana Marrón cinema in Madrid in 1999 and ran a weekly programme of independent films for a decade, before moving to Mali in 2010, where he lived until 2013. He has produced and directed six shorts, and his debut feature, La osa mayor menos dos (2005) won an award at l'Alternativa 2005.


  • Country Spain, France
  • Year 2016
  • Format Digital
  • Running time 116 min
  • Image BW/Colour
  • Language French
  • Subtitles Spanish
  • Production company Corte y confección de películas S.L, Cinedoc Films, Godacima S.L
  • Producer Oriol Maymó, David Reznak, Christian Lelong
  • Photography David Reznak
  • Editor Martin Eller, David Reznak
  • Music José Ignacio García Lomas
  • Sound Gloria Oyarzabal
  • Contact [email protected]


Africa International Film Festival Nigeria Arusha African Film Festival Festival International Panafricain de Cannes

Presented by David Reznak + Gloria Oyarzabal 16/11


Wednesday 16, 17.00 h — Teatre CCCB Watch online (at Filmin from 18/12)