14-20 November 2016

L'Alternativa 2016


L’Alternativa Official Feature Film Prize and Short Film Prize

The films selected for l'Alternativa Official compete in two sections: Feature Films and Short Films. There are cash prizes for each category: €3,000 for Best Feature Film and €1,000 for Best Short Film. Each prize is awarded by a panel of three judges appointed by l’Alternativa.

Critics Award for Best Feature Film in l’Alternativa Official cial

L’Alternativa teams up with the ACCEC (Asociación Catalana de Críticos and Escritores Cinematográficos) to offer the Critics Prize for Best Feature Film in l'Alternativa Official. This honorary award is awarded by a panel of three judges appointed by ACCEC.

GAC Awards for Best Feature Film Screenplay and Best Short Film Screenplay in the Panorama section

The GAC Awards for Best Feature Film. Screenplay and Best Short Film Screenplay in the Panorama section in l'Alternativa Parallel are awarded by GAC (Guionistas Asociados de Catalunya). These two honorary awards are awarded by a panel of two judges who are members of GAC.

Panorama L’Alternativa–Platja d’Aro–Costa Brava Award

The Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board and Platja d'Aro Town Council are offering the second L’Alternativa–Panorama Platja d’Aro–Costa Brava Award, which offers a Spanish filmmaker a one-week residency in Platja d’Aro. The winning filmmaker will be chosen by l’Alternativa from the directors with a film in the Panorama section.

The residency should be taken between 1 March and 30 May 2017 at the Hotel Costa Brava, in Platja d’Aro. This residency includes accommodation, meals and €300 to cover travelling and personal expenses. The idea is to enable the winning filmmaker to work on projects and possibly shoot a film.

Filmic Crater-Lab Award in l'Alternativa Panorama

Artist-run film lab Crater-Lab will award a prize at l’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival, to a film by a Spanish filmmaker in the Panorama section which includes working directly on celluloid film, either entirely or in conjunction with other formats.

The award comprises a fortnight’s residency at Crater-Lab, with access to all the lab’s equipment and machinery, where the filmmaker can work on a new project.

Filmmaker Bill Brand will be the judge for this first Panorama Filmic l’Alternativa Crater-Lab Award.

Audience Award for Best Short Film in l’Alternativa Official

The honorary award for Best Short Film is awarded on the basis of votes cast by the audience.