Broken Tongue

Mónica Savirón

Country: United States
Year: 2013
Format: Digital
Length: 3 min
Image: BW/Colour
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish

Producer: Mónica Savirón
Editor: Mónica Savirón
Actors: Tracie Morris

Contact: [email protected]


An ode to the freedom of movement, association and expression. A homage to the diaspora of different waves of migration that challenges the way we represent our narratives.


Mónica Savirón (Spain) works as a New York–based film writer, editor and programmer. Her films explore the cinematic possibilities of sound and avant-garde poetics.


  1. Ann Arbor Film Festival
  2. San Francisco Cinematheque
  3. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
  4. Edinburgh International Film Festival