Big Willow

Jared Katsiane

Country: United States
Year: 2013
Format: Digital
Length: 10 min
Image: Colour
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish

Producer: Jared Katsiane
Screenplay: Jared Katsiane
Photography: Jared Katsiane
Editor: Jared Katsiane
Music: Daniela Ronconi
Sound: Jared Katsiane
Actors: Mason Roberson, Jasmine Robinson, Harriet Robinson, Terrance Woolfork, Jr.



My big brother has been friends with Willow for a long time. But today he got real scared that she wouldn’t be around much longer.


  1. Rio de Janeiro Short Film Festival
  2. Kassel Documentary Film Festival
  3. Ozu Film Festival
  4. Black Harvest Film Festival Chicago
  5. Fesancor, Chile International Short Film Festival