18 - 24 November 2013
J'entends plus la guitare (Philippe Garrel)

L'Alternativa Parallel

20 years of l'Alternativa

J'entends plus la guitare (I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar)
Philippe Garrel
France, 1991
35 mm | 98 min | Colour | French | VOSE,VOSI

Producer company: Les Films de L'Atalante
Screenplay: Marc Chololenko
Photography: Caroline Champetier
Editor: Sophie Coussien, Yann Dedet
Music: Faton Cahen
Actors: Benoît Régent, Mireille Perier, Johanna Ter Steege, Yann Colette, Anouk Grinberg, Brigitte Sy

20 years of l'Alternativa » L'Alternativa Parallel


“At the start I wanted the film to be a trip to Nico's tomb in Berlin, with the whole story told in flashback. I later gave up on the idea and decided to talk about the phase when a person enters their forties. This is a moment when he swings between the state of being a young man and a man. J'entends plus la guitare tells the story of the sentimental education of a particular generation". Philippe Garrel

Screened at

L'Alternativa 2000


Institut Français