18 - 24 November 2013
L'Argent (Robert Bresson)

L'Alternativa Parallel

20 years of l'Alternativa

L'Argent (Money)
Robert Bresson
France, 1983
35 mm | 85 min | Colour | French | VOSC,VOSI

Producer company: Eos Fim / Marion's Film / FR3
Screenplay: Robert Bresson
Photography: Emmanuel Machuel, Pasqualino De Santis
Editor: Jean-François Naudon
Music: J. S. Bach
Actors: Christian Patey, Sylvie Van Den Elsen, Michel Briguet, Caroline Lang

20 years of l'Alternativa » L'Alternativa Parallel


A fake FF500 note finds its way into the hands of Yvon, an honest delivery man whose simple, happy life is about to change dramatically: he is accused of forgery and sent to jail. From that moment on, Yvon experiences a series of incredible twists and turns. Based on a story by Tolstoy, this film paints a harsh yet admirable picture.


Screened at

L'Alternativa 2004


Institut Français