18 - 24 November 2013
La tierra quieta (Rubén Margalló)

L'Alternativa Parallel


La tierra quieta (Still Land)
Rubén Margalló
Spain, 2013
Vídeo | 72 min | Colour | Spanish | VOSI

Producer company: Col·lectiu Rucs
Production: Rubén Margalló
Screenplay: Rubén Margalló
Photography: Haliam Pérez
Editor: Pato Bottos
Music: Raül Jaime
Sound: Rubén Margalló

Panorama » L'Alternativa Parallel


A portrait of the lives of Doña Estela and Don Sebastián, a family living in a rural village in Nicaragua whose eldest children have emigrated to other countries in search of a better future. Ylan, the youngest, is still a child living in his own happy world, blissfully unaware that in the future he may well have to take the same decisions as his elder siblings.



Festival Cinéma du Réel