18 - 24 November 2013
Hukkle (György Pálfi)

L'Alternativa Parallel

20 years of l'Alternativa

György Pálfi
Hungary, 2002
35 mm | 78 min | Colour | Hungarian | VOSE

Producer company: MOKÉP
Production: Zoltán Galambos
Screenplay: György Pálfi
Photography: Gergely Pohárnok
Editor: Gábor Marinkás
Sound: Tamás Zányi
Actors: Ferenc Bandi, Józsefné Rácz, József Farkas, Ferenc Nagy, Gábor Nagy, Ági Margitai, Eszter Ónodi, Attila Kaszás

20 years of l'Alternativa » L'Alternativa Parallel


An old man has hiccups sitting on a bench, a drunken youth snores on the carriage, a kind old lady picks lilies-of-the-valley, women sew in the dressmaker’s shop, men play bowling in a pub, the bees make honey – and throughout it all a policeman investigates a murder. The film's protagonist is the rural community and its eccentric inhabitants whose lives interrelate in a series of loose tales.


Screened at

L'Alternativa 2003 - Premio Largometraje Ficción


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