18 - 24 November 2013
Black Box BRD (Andres Veiel)

L'Alternativa Parallel

20 years of l'Alternativa

Black Box BRD
Andres Veiel
Germany, 2000
16 mm | 102 min | Colour | German | VOSE

Producer company: Zero One Film GmbH
Production: Thomas Kufus
Screenplay: Andres Veiel
Photography: Jörg Jeshel
Editor: Katja Dringenberg
Music: Jan Tilman Schade
Sound: Paul Oberle

20 years of l'Alternativa » L'Alternativa Parallel
Filmoteca de Catalunya
Friday 29
19:30 h


This film steps back into German history to show a country polarised by the power struggle between the German state and the Red Army Faction (RAF). It focuses on the life and death of Alfred Herrhausen, the Deutsche Bank chairman assassinated in 1989, allegedly by the RAF, and Wolfgang Grams, a member of the RAF.

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