18 - 24 November 2013
A Raia (Iván Castiñeiras)

L'Alternativa Parallel


A Raia (The Border)
Iván Castiñeiras
Spain / Portugal, 2012
Vídeo | 29 min | BW | Spanish, Portuguese, Galician | VOSE

Producer company: Os Filmes do Caracol
Production: Iván Castiñeiras
Screenplay: Iván Castiñeiras
Photography: Jorge Quintela, Alberto Centeno, Iván Castiñeiras
Editor: Iván Castiñeiras
Sound: Iván Castiñeiras, Miguel Cabral

Panorama » L'Alternativa Parallel


For 20 years Pepe and Fernando worked together on the border between Galicia and Portugal, but they haven’t seen each other since the dividing line faded away. What will their reunion be like?