18 - 24 November 2013
Miraggio all'Italiana  (Alessandra Celesia )

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Miraggio all'Italiana (An Italian Mirage)
Alessandra Celesia
France, 2013
Vídeo | 87 min | Colour | Italian, English | VOSC,VOSI

Producer company: Zeugma Films
Production: Michel David
Screenplay: Alessandra Celesia
Photography: Laurent Fénart
Editor: Danielle Anezin
Sound: Damien Turpin

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“Looking for work? Alaska awaits!” The destinies of five Italians come together during the throes of the economic crisis after an advert appears in Turin. Left to fend for themselves in Yakutat, Alaska, a no man's land where time seems to have stopped, these men and women set off on a voyage of personal discovery.


Alessandra Celesia (Aosta, 1970) graduated from the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. A theatre and film actress, she has directed four documentaries, including Le Libraire de Belfast (2011) which won the Documentary Prize at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence. 



Cinéma du Réel Paris
Milano Film Festival
RIDM Montréal International Documentary Film Festival