18 - 24 November 2013
Soles de primavera (Stefan Ivančić )

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Soles de primavera (Springtime Suns)
Stefan Ivančić
Serbia, 2013
Vídeo | 23 min | Colour | Serbian | VOSE

Producer company: Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade
Production: Stefan Ivančić
Screenplay: Andrej Ivančić, Stefan Ivančić, Mateja Ivančić
Photography: Igor Đorđević
Editor: Nataša Pantić, Jelena Maksimović
Sound: Mladjan Matavulj
Actors: Dimitrije Ivančić, Andrej Ivančić, StefanIvančić, Marko Grabez

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Four boys, friends and cousins, in between adolescence and adulthood, make the most of a summer evening. Divided by distance but reunited by Belgrade, idle talk and the memory of a communist past.


Stefan Ivančić (Belgrade, 1985) lived in Barcelona from 1991 to 2009, where he studied mechanical engineering and wrote for Lumière and Contrapicado. He is currently studying film in Belgrade.



FID Marseille
Best Serbian Fiction - Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival