20 - 25 November 2012

Parallel Sections


L'Alternativa continues to support Spanish filmmakers by screening a selection of features and inviting the director and/or producer to present their work to the Barcelona public.

This year, the Panorama section brings us three remarkable, bold films by Pela del Álamo, Teresa Arredondo and Homer Etminani that you are unlikely to see at the cinema or on television.

Sibila and N-VI take us on a search for memory, be it that of a member of the director’s family or the people and places along a forgotten route. In Nació we discover aspects of a lesser-known bullfighting profession, the recortador.

Given the film industry’s lacklustre offerings that have little to do with the real world or free thinkers, this section offers a series of visions that don’t see filmmaking as a spectacle.


Selected Films

Nació (Nation)
Homer Etminani (Spain)

N-VI (N-VI: vanishing roadsides)
Pela del Álamo (Spain)

Teresa Arredondo (Chile / Spain)