20 - 25 November 2012
Comédie de l'innocence

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Jeanne Balibar. Muse of French cinéma d'auteur

This multifaceted singer and film and theatre actor has just made her directing debut with Par exemple, Electre. She studied at the French Academy for Young Actors and worked for the Comédie Française. In the 1990s she became one of the leading cinéma d’auteur actors, working with directors such as Arnaud Desplechin in Comment je me suis disputé… (ma vie sexuelle) and Olivier Assayas in Fin août, début septembre, for which she won award for Best Actress at the 1998 San Sebastián Film Festival. She made her name with Jacques Rivette’s Va savoir and was directed by him again in 2007 in Ne touchez pas la hache. In 2003 she began her career as a singer and in 2005 Pedro Costa’s stunning film Ne change rien took us behind the doors of a recording studio to hear her sing.

Balibar is also deeply engaged with heartfelt issues and has stood up repeatedly for the rights of illegal immigrants. She was an outspoken critic of Nicolas Sarkozy’s policies, especially the law against internet downloads.

Some films will be screened after l'Alternativa has finished as part of the programme of activities at the French Institute in Barcelona.

This section ties in with the A Rendezvous with Jeanne Balibar.

In collaboration with the French Institute in Barcelona and the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Comédie de l'innocence

Selected Films

Comédie de l'innocence (Comedy of Innocence)
Raoul Ruiz (France)

Va savoir (Who Knows?)
Jacques Rivette (France / Germany / Italy)

Ne touchez pas la hache (The Duchess of Langeais)
Jacques Rivette (France)

L'idiot (The Idiot)
Pierre Léon (France)

Par exemple, Electre (Electra, for Instance)
Jeanne Balibar, Pierre Léon (France)