20 - 25 November 2012
Silvestre Pantaleón

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Contra el silencio todas las voces

In collaboration with Casa Amèrica Catalunya, the two-yearly Mexican festival Contra el Silencio todas la Voces presents a selection of award-winning documentaries from 2012 at l’Alternativa.

These independent films present a range of different perspectives from across Latin America: documentaries that give a voice to former political prisoners who have seen their erstwhile women’s prison turned into a luxury mall; stories of the everyday lives of young urban indigenous people striving to keep their culture alive in the city; and tales of residents fighting the environmental degradation of their land in Spain or Guatemala. Behind all these stories are original independent filmmakers brandishing a camera and breaking the silence.

In collaboration with Casa Amèrica Catalunya.

Silvestre Pantaleón

Selected Films

La pequeña semilla en el asfalto (The Little Seed in the Asphalt)
Pedro Daniel López López (Mexico)

Buen Pastor. Una fuga de mujeres (Buen Pastor. Women Break Out)
Matías Herrera Cordoba, Lucía Torres (Argentina)

El oro o la vida. Recolonización y resistencia en Centroamérica (Gold or Life. Recolonisation and Resistance in Central America)
Álvaro Revenga (Guatemala / Honduras / El Salvador)

Ovejas azules (Blue Sheep)
Noel Gálvez (Spain)

Silvestre Pantaleón
Roberto Olivares Ruiz, Jonathan D. Amith (Mexico)