20 - 25 November 2012
Par exemple, Electre

Parallel Sections

Jeanne Balibar

Par exemple, Electre (Electra, for Instance)
Jeanne Balibar, Pierre Léon
France, 2012
HD | 80 min | Colour | French | VOSC, VOSI

Production: Martine Marignac
Screenplay: Jeanne Balibar, Pierre Léon
Photography: Sébastien Buchmann, Jeanne Lapoirie
Editor: Pierre Léon, Martial Salomon
Sound: Mathieu Deschamps, Jean Mallet
Actors: Édith Scob, Evelyne Didi, Jeanne Balibar, Pierre Léon, Emmanuelle Béart, Yves-Noël Genod, Barbet Schroeder.

Jeanne Balibar


The directors roam through Paris in tourist outfits as they prepare a play with a producer who keeps changing her clothes. In a parallel world, actors rehearse their texts for a Greek tragedy on the beach at Deauville and at prominent Parisian locations. This is the story of Electra, probably a rather inefficient character, but one who perseveres and refuses to give up the battle against injustice.