20 - 25 November 2012
A nossa forma de vida

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A nossa forma de vida (The Way We Are )
Pedro Felipe Marques
Portugal, 2011
HD | 91 min | Colour | Portuguese, English | VOSC, VOSI

Production: Inês Gonçalves, Pedro Filipe Marques
Screenplay: Pedro Filipe Marques
Photography: Pedro Filipe Marques
Editor: Tomás Baltazar, Pedro Filipe Marques
Sound: Elsa Ferreira
Actors: Armando Cunha, Maria Fernanda Cunha

Contact: [email protected] +351 912335449

Feature Films


A spectacular view of the world as seen from Armando and Maria’s tower-block flat, eight floors up from the river Douro, and a comic, probing portrait of an elderly couple whose private life has remained permeable to the modern world. They share their visions like partners in crime, turning daily life into a brief comedy with a running commentary on what a decaying country still has to offer them.


Pedro Felipe Marques (Porto, 1976) studied music, chemistry and medicine but graduated in film directing. He worked as a film editor for more than ten years with a wide range of directors, including Pedro Costa, João Botelho and Sérgio Tréfaut. In 2008 he directed his first short fiction, Eu luto. A nossa forma de vida is his debut feature film.


Best First Film Award - Doclisboa 2011
Special Mention Joris Ivens Award - Cinéma du Réel 2012