20 - 25 November 2012
As Above, So Below

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As Above, So Below
Sarah J. Christman
United States, 2012
16 mm | 50 min | Colour | English | VOSC

Production: Sarah J. Christman
Photography: Sarah J. Christman
Editor: Sarah J. Christman
Sound: Sarah J. Christman, Peter Allen Hoffmann

Contact: [email protected] +1 2673073757

Feature Films


A woman has her husband’s ashes transformed into a memorial diamond. Precious metals are extracted from obsolete electronics. The world’s largest landfill is being converted into a public park. As Above, So Below intimately examines various transmutations that reshape matter and its meanings. What separates the permanent from the impermanent, the things we discard from those we preserve?


Sarah J. Christman studied film and media arts at Temple University, Philadelphia and is currently teaching at Brooklyn College, New York. Her films include Dear Bill Gates (2006), Minding the Hive (2008) and Broad Channel (2010).


Jury Prize - Ann Arbor Film Festival 2012
Honorary Mention - Chicago Underground Film Festival 2012