11 - 19 November 2011

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Short Films

Virgil Vernier
France, 2010
Digibeta PAL/NTSC | 35min. | Colour | French | VOSI, VOSC

Production: Kazak Production
Photography: Virgil Vernier, Ilan Klipper
Editor: Eulalie Korenfeld

Contact: [email protected] +33 148243057



Paris, the entrance to a nightclub, a physiognomist at work. Selection criteria and power struggles. A time, a space and an action: in or out?


Virgil Vernier (Paris) has made a number of films related to young people in Paris and its suburbs, including L'oiseau d'or (2007) and Flics (2009). He is working on his first feature, Mercuriales


FID Marseille 2010