11 - 19 November 2011

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La dernière année (The Last Year)
Peter Hoffmann
France / Germany, 2011
Digibeta PAL/NTSC | 78min. | BW | French, Spanish | VOSE

Production: Michel David / Zeugma Films
Screenplay: Peter Hoffmann
Photography: Peter Hoffmann
Editor: Peter Hoffmann
Music: Rapi, Vincent, Petit Luc, Marisa Gustavo, Joao, Margot Guillaume
Sound: Peter Hoffmann

Contact: [email protected] +33 143870054



Grape harvest in Rasiguères, a village in the French Pyrenees. An intense month of shared life. Amid changing times, workers reminisce about the days of collective work in the fields. Tradition and motions as old as the vines are taken up afresh by today’s vintagers and made their own. A 16mm b/w fieldwork film, a document of the past.


Peter Hoffmann (Bad Godesberg, 1957) studied art in Hannover. He directed the short films Alle Autos der Nordstadt (1991) and L'année dernière à Rasiguères (1997) and the documentary feature Oliva Oliva (2005), screened at l'Alternativa that year and winner of the Best French Film Award at FID Marseille.


Filmer à Tout Prix Bruxelles 2011
Les Ecrans Documentaire 2011