11 - 19 November 2011

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Short Films

...These Blazeing Starrs!
Deborah Stratman
United States, 2011
16mm | 14min. | BW | English | VOSC

Production: Deborah Stratman
Photography: Deborah Stratman, NASA/JPL
Animation: Deborah Stratman, NASA/JPL
Editor: Deborah Stratman
Music: Disinformation, John Duncan, Max Springer, Ryoji Ikeda, L.O.S.D., Pansonic, S.E.T.I., NASA/JPL
Sound: Deborah Stratman

Contact: delta@pythagorasfilm.com +1 3122431227



Since comets have been recorded, they’ve augured catastrophe, messiahs, upheaval and the end of our days. A short film about these meteoric ice-cored fireballs and their historic ties to divination.


Deborah Stratman teaches at the University of Illinois, Chicago. In Order Not To Be Here was screened at l'Alternativa in 2002, and O'er the Land won the Documentary Film Prize at l'Alternativa in 2009. 


International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011
Ann Arbor Film Festival 2011
Images Festival, Toronto 2011
London International Film Festival 2011