11 - 19 November 2011

Hall Screen

L'Alternativa proposes

L'invention des jours heureux (Inventing Happy Days)
Sandrine Dumas
France, 2011
Digibeta SP PAL/NTSC | 26min. | French, Chinese, Russian | VOSI, VOSC

Production: Sotavento
Screenplay: Sandrine Dumas / Natalia Reyes
Photography: Marc Tevanian
Editor: Barbara Bascou
Music: Delphine Ciampi / Diane Sorel / Anne Milloud Gouverneur
Sound: Jean-Paul Mugel
Actors: Katia Golubeva, Yanan Li, Eliott Olivrie, Lucie Laporte



Two foreign women, one Russian, one Chinese, are living in Paris doing casual jobs. Olga and Mai don’t know each other but share the same reality - the life of an immigrant. Nothing to dream about.