Mexican Cinema. Shared Visions

El lugar sin límites

The parallel section Mexican Cinema. Shared Visions explores the references of Mexican filmmaking that have inspired the current generation of filmmakers.

“The war was over. Hollywood regained its markets and the Golden Age of Mexican cinema evaporated into the arid 1960s, where surviving and budding filmmakers set about putting together New Mexican Cinema… which never quite got off the ground, but which led to solitary, curious, essential works that sought their raison d’être amongst the heartrending landscapes of our reality. The films shown here offer a sensible, terse and engaging glimpse at the collective Mexican imagination from the last fifty years.” Ricardo Benet, film director.

With the collaboration of Casa Amèrica Catalunya, Consulado de México, Imcine and Filmoteca de la UNAM.

This Parallel Section also features the roundtable Mexican Filmmaking. Achievements and Contradictions, with Arturo Ripstein and Ricardo Benet.


Bajo California: el límite del tiempo (Bajo California: the Edge of Time)
Carlos Bolado (Mexico)

El lugar sin límites (The Place without Limits)
Arturo Ripstein (Mexico)

Frida, naturaleza viva (Frida, Living Nature)
Paul Leduc (Mexico / Mexico)

La fórmula secreta (The Secret Formula)
Rubén Gámez (Mexico)

María Novaro (Mexico / Spain)

Los albañiles (The Builders)
Jorge Fons (Mexico)

Principio y fin (Beginning and End)
Arturo Ripstein (Mexico)

Reed, México insurgente (Reed, Insurgent Mexico)
Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Rojo amanecer (Red Dawn)
Jorge Fons (Mexico)