News from Ideological Antiquity - Marx/Eisenstein/Das Kapital

News from Ideological Antiquity - Marx/Eisenstein/Das Kapital

One of the most respected and perceptive German filmmakers, Alexander Kluge, has brought Soviet director Serguei Eisenstein’s project to life. In November 1929, Eisenstein visited James Joyce to share his incredible idea of filming Das Kapital following the narrative structure of Ulysses: an ordinary day in the life of a worker. His project never took shape. Eighty-one years later, Kluge has realised Eisenstein’s dream. This tribute is a bold, monumental composition of filmic, documentary and fictional sequences – an almost ten-hour film essay. Kluge reread Das Kapital and sought out today’s images to translate it.


Nachrichten aus der ideologischen Antike-Marx/Eisenstein/Das Kapital (News from Ideological Antiquity-Marx/Eisenstein/Das Kapital)
Alexander Kluge (Germany)

  1. 1ª part: Eisenstein and Marx in the same house
  2. 2ª part: Everything is enchanted people
  3. 3ª part: Paradoxes of the exchange society

Saturday 13, 21h. Auditori CCCB. 1a part (189')

Sunday 14, 16 to 22:45h. Auditori MACBA. 2a and 3a part (383')
Continuous screening by chapter. There is a leaflet available giving details of the timings, so the public can choose what to see and enter and leave as they wish. There is a single admission charge of €4.50 for both sessions. You can check chapters and times here.

Tuesday 16 (1ª part, 189'), Wednesday 17 (2ª part, 200') and Thursday 18 (3ª part, 181'), 19:30 h, Filmoteca de Catalunya.

In collaboration with Goethe-Institut and Macba.