Documentary Feature

Los materiales (The Materials)
Colectivo Los Hijos
Spain, 2009
Digibeta | 72min. | BW | VOSI

Colectivo Los Hijos ([email protected])

Los Hijos
Los Hijos

1. n. The elements, constituents or substances of which something is composed or can be made.
2. adj. Relating to, derived from or consisting of matter.
3. adj. Of or concerned with physical rather than spiritual things.
4. adj. Relating to matter rather than form.

Bio / Filmo

The art collective Los Hijos, which explores film forms and the mechanisms of audiovisual representation, is made up of Javier Fernández (1980), Luis López Carrasco (1981) and Natalia Marín (1982). Their films include El sol en el sol del membrillo (2009) and Ya viene, aguanta, riégueme, mátame, ensayo (2010), which is being screened at l'Alternativa this year.


Premio Jean Vigo Mejor Director - Festival Punto de Vista 2010
Mención Especial - FIDMarseille 2010