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Strange Lights
Strange Lights
Joe King, Rosie Pedlow
United Kingdom, 2010
HDV | 8min. | Colour | VOSC

Joe King, Rosie Pedlow ([email protected])

Joe King, Rosie Pedlow
Joe King, Rosie Pedlow
Joe King
Joe King, Rosie Pedlow

One night in 1980, American servicemen at an RAF base witnessed some 'unexplained lights' in Rendlesham Forest. The incident has since become Britain's most famous UFO mystery. Striking a balance between a celebratory and critical approach, this film revisits the forest thirty years later in search of similarly 'inexplicable' events.

Bio / Filmo

Joe King and Rosie Pedlow are two British artist-filmmakers. Their work has been exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Their films include Survey (2002), Tulips at Dawn (2002), Sea Change (2005) and Immortal Stories (2006), all screened at previous editions of l'Alternativa.


Festival de Film de Clermont Ferrand 2010
London Short Film Festival 2010
What If… Festival, London 2010
Videoformes 2010