Documentary Feature

Piombo fuso (Cast Lead)
Stefano Savona
Italy, 2009
Digibeta | 82min. | Colour | VOSC | VOSI

Pulsemedia ([email protected])

Stefano Savona
Marzia Mete
Stefano Savona

One can’t get in or out of Gaza. It’s 6 January 2009, the 11th day of the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip. Air-raid bombings and intensifying land attacks are taking place behind the insurmountable wall which separates Gaza from the rest of the world. All of a sudden, as if by chance, a tiny crack in the impermeable defence system occurs, and a very small number of people manage to get in. Amongst them, a director with a camera. This film is about what that camera was able to film across the border, the simple tale of daily life in Gaza during the last tragic days of Operation Cast Lead.

Bio / Filmo

Stefano Savona (Palermo, Italy, 1969) studied archaeology and anthropology in Rome and took part in various digs in Sudan, Egypt, Turkey and Israel. He started to work as a freelance photographer in 1995. Since 1999 he has made video installations including the collective exhibition La città infinita (2003) at Milan’s Triennale, D-Day (2005) in Paris at the Centre Pompidou, and several documentaries, such as Roshbash Badolato (1999) and Notes from a Kurdish Rebel (2006).


Special Jury Prize - Festival de Locarno 2009
Honorable Mention - Montréal RIDM 2009
Torino Film Festival 2009