Short Films

Amanar Tamasheq
Amanar Tamasheq
Lluís Escartín
Spain / Mali, 2010
MiniDV | 14min. | Colour | VOSC | VOSI

Lluís Escartín ([email protected])

Lluís Escartín
Lluís Escartín
Lluís Escartin
Lluís Escartín

A man sets off alone into the desert. A man lives with the Tuareg. A man listens to another man. This man tells him to film everything he finds. To film it and make it known beyond the dunes. To film everything, even if he doesn’t understand it. To film it, even if the most important thing remains invisible.

Bio / Filmo

Lluís Escartín (Barcelona, 1966) founded El Armadillo Productions in New York. When he found himself working alongside Jonas Mekas, he swapped his photo camera for a video camera and started to travel through jungles, deserts and other desolate areas. His films include Texas Sunrise (2002), Terra Incognita (2005), both screened at previous editions of l'Alternativa, and Nescafé - Dakar (2008). 


Mejor Cortometraje - Punto de Vista 2010
Documenta Madrid 2010