Romanian Film Before and After 1989

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California Dreamin' (nesfârşit) (California Dreamin' (unfinished))
Cristian Nemescu
Romania, 2007
35mm | 155min. | Colour
Production: Andrei Boncea

Photography: Liviu Marghidan
Editor: Catalin Cristutiu
Screenplay: Tudor Voican, Cristian Nemescu
Actors: Armand Assante, Razvan Vasilescu, Jamie Elman, Maria Dinulescu, Ion Sapdaru
US Marine Captain Jones is assigned to escort a train carrying NATO equipment to Yugoslavia during the war in Kosovo. His mission is held up by Doiaru, an apparently very thorough stationmaster in a godforsaken village on the way, who halts the train over a paperwork technicality. The community makes outlandish efforts to welcome the Americans, in an attempt to profit from their unexpected presence.
Un Certain Regard - Cannes Film Festival, 2007