Romanian Film Before and After 1989

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Cea mai fericită fată din lume (The Happiest Girl in the World)
Radu Jude
Romania, 2009
Betacam SP (PAL) | 100min. | Colour
Production: Ada Solomon

Photography: Marius Panduru
Editor: Cătălin Cristuţiu
Screenplay: Radu Jude, Augustina Stanciu
Actors: Andreea Boşneag, Vasile Muraru, Violeta Haret Popa, Şerban Pavlu, Andi Vasluianu
Based on a screenplay by Augustina Stanciu and Radu Jude, Cea mai fericită fată din lume tells the story of Delia, a Romanian lower-middle-class teenager who comes with her parents to Bucharest to claim the car she won as a prize in a soft-drink contest and to shoot a commercial. Combining irony with familial acrimony, the film's simple story magnifies the social tensions of a country embracing capitalism and all its shiny promises.
HK Filmmaker Award - Sundance Film Festival, 2008