Jorge Caballero
Spain / Colombia, 2008
Betacam SP (PAL) | 74min. | Colour | VOSI

Production: Gusano Films (

Screenplay: Jorge Caballero, Miguel León Durán
Photography: Christian Bitar
Editor: Jorge Caballero, Carles M. Gómez-Quintero
Music: Joshua Temkin, Gustavo León
Sound: Jordi Rams
Bogotá has one of the highest crime rates in the world and in his debut documentary Jorge Caballero focuses on one day at a court in the city; hearings are heard and sentences given for small misdemeanours that under local law are regarded as serious crimes. The camera sensitively follows hearings and verdicts. Between individual stories it explores the court building, which alternates between bustling periods and quiet lulls. The only exits are to freedom or an overcrowded cell.
Jorge Caballero (Bogotá, 1979) has been living and working between Colombia and Spain for the last eight years. He works as a director, editor, producer and film festival coordinator and is founder of the production company Gusano Films.
Premio Nacional de Documental (Colombia), 2009
BAFICI, 2009
Cinéma du Réel, 2009