El tránsito (Traffic)
Elías León Siminiani
Spain, 2008
35mm | 12min. | Colour | VOSE

Production: Elías León Siminiani, Elsa Ruiz Pirinoli (

Screenplay: Elías León Siminiani
Photography: Elías León Siminiani
Editor: Elías León Siminiani
This new chapter in the series Key Concepts for the Modern World reveals the unofficial version of rush hour and its consequences on the life of modern man.
Elías León Siminiani (San Sebastián, 1971) studied Spanish and film theory in Spain and film directing at Columbia University in New York City. His short films La oficina, El permiso and Digital, screened at l'Alternativa 2005, form part of his film essay series Key Concepts for the Modern World. This year the Hall Screen will include a section dedicated to his work.

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