Photograph of Jesus
Laurie Hill
United Kingdom, 2008
Betacam SP (PAL) | 7min. | Colour | VOSC

Production: Basil Stephens (

Photography: Laurie Hill
Animation: Laurie Hill
Editor: Laurie Hill
Music: Toolshed Music
Sound: Toolshed Music
Actors: (Veu) Matthew Butson
Looking for photographs of Jesus, yetis and Hitler in 1948? Help is at hand with this documentary-fantasy based on true stories of requests for impossible images.
Laurie Hill did an English MA at Kings College London, an Art BA at Chelsea College of art and Design, London and an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art, London. Her films include My Life At 40 (2005) and My First Taste Of Death (2006).

Best Animated Short - Seattle International Film Festival, 2009
Best Animated Short - Tampere Film Festival, 2009