Sam's Hot Dogs
David López Retamero
United Kingdom, 2009
Betacam SP (PAL) | 9min. | Black and White | VOSC

Production: Royal College of Art (

Screenplay: David López Retamero
Photography: David López Retamero
Animation: David López Retamero
Editor: David López Retamero
Music: Alan Mac Feely
Sound: Graham Lawson
Actors: Jose Huidobro, Isabel Lizardi, Matt Johnson, Sheryl & Clem, Tony Gilfoyle
Sam lives an easy life selling hot dogs at the side of a road through the woods. His hot-dog van, his huge bear and a bit of company every once in a while are all he needs.
David López studied fine art at the University of Barcelona. He currently lives in London and is studying for a Master's degree in animation at the Royal College of Art, where he graduated with Sam's Hot Dogs. His other animations include The Pinker Tones' video clip Sexy Robot.
BFI London Film Festival 2009